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Fundatia Chance for Life are convingerea ca soluţia pentru un viitor bun sunt copiii si felul in care acestia devin adulti.

Doneaza pentru o cauza

Pentru toti copiii si tinerii care ne sunt beneficiari avem nevoie de produse, haine, alimente, rechizite si multe altele.

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2% si 20% ne ajuta! Poti redirectiona 2% din impozitul tau pe venit sau 20% din impozitul pe profit al firmei tale, taxe datorate statului.

Finantatori principali

Copiii si tinerii beneficiaza de programele Chance for Life datorita sustinerii sponsorilor nostri.

For over 16 years, we have been supporting the development of Romanian communities through our interventions. We offer support to children with high intellectual potential and to their disadvantaged families, and we also facilitate the social integration of young people with disabilities who are based in orphanages or are from families. Following thorough assessments, we always propose interventions that are adapted to the members of the specific community.

At the moment we are involved in multiple activities:

  • educational campaigns, designed to change attitudes and behaviors of the children and their families;
  • psychological counselling and professional orientation for families in disadvantaged environments;
  • experience exchange and/or knowledge sharing between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on matters such as social economy and ways and methods of how to intervene effectively in a community;
  • local and national information campaigns regarding the learning and development needs of children and young people from different communities.

We are always striving to involve volunteers from different groups in our projects and programmes. They give up their free time to join the children and their families; bringing products or funds that together bring us hope and allow us to help the children meet their potential.

We thank the 3,190 donors from the Dreams Donors” campaign, initiated by our sponsor Rangali – Be Naturally Beautiful. You can find more details here.

We are also grateful for the 41 individual donations, made as part of the latest fundraising campaigns, initiated by our fundraisers on Galantom. You can find more details about the campaigns and the good people that raised funds for CHANCE FOR LIFE here.

We are proud of our 50 volunteers who joined us following the last two recruitment sessions that we organized and we thank them once more for all their efforts. You can find more details here.

Also, amongst the recent results, we have to mention the ones related to counselling and information:

  • At least 40 families of the Chance for Life scholarship beneficiaries, from Bucharest and Sulina, received professional counselling and orientation;
  • Over 1000 participants, children and parents, at the information campaigns Leave the TV and Come Play! Also, at events of the same title, organized in Bucharest from 2012, promoting the need for parents to spend more time outdoors together with their children in recreation activities. You can find more details about the event here.

You can find more details about the previous years’ results of CHANCE FOR LIFE Foundation within its annual reports that can be accessed here.

Did you ever think about how important the financial support is, as well as the moral one for the childrens’ passions? They understand each detail that, sometimes, the parents try to hide from them because the parents think that, in this way, they are protecting them.

The children have beautiful and great dreams; they would like to become the best actors, artists, musicians, ballerinas or just the best children. The parents are not always able to support these dreams, so making them crumble.

This is why, if you want to support a child and his/her dreams, we encourage you to offer a Dreams Scholarship. You will be able choose from at least 10 letters written by the children for Chance for Life Scholarship to help you to decide which Dreams Scholarship you want to offer. You can access the list here.

Why not become one of our CHANCE FOR LIFE Ambassadors? And help us to offer the chance of a better future for children with high intellectual potential from socially and economically troubled families and for young people with disabilities from orphanages.

You can propose an event, you can participate in an event or you can donate your birthday on platform.

You can find more details about the CHANCE FOR LIFE campaigns and Galantoms here:
Foundation’s promoters
– Fundraising campaigns

We look forward to you becoming our next Ambassador!

The Chance for Life Scholarship

The programme’s goal is to support 20 children with high intellectual potential, who come from disadvantaged families in 6 Districts of Bucharest. Some of them have already been on our programme for the last 8 years and the results prove the effectiveness of  CHANCE FOR LIFE specialist interventions.

The timeline of the programme is 12 years, 8 years during primary and secondary school and 4 years during High school. During the first phase, the children receive daily support and during High school they benefit from the CHANCE FOR LIFE Foundation activities at least 3 times a week.

Hope for Today

The programme offers the chance for a normal development to a group of 20 young people with disabilities or AIDS who are from orphanages or social protection centres. CHANCE FOR LIFE works daily with some of these young people for over 10 years. Our specialists and volunteers are performing a diverse range of activities with the young people in order to develop their independent life skills.

Within the project, we developed a social company where the young people have jobs and make decorations by hand, which when sold contribute to financing the project.





Dedicated givers are reliable supporters of the children from the foundation CHANCE FOR LIFE. They offer monthly everything they can for the children and so take our mission forward. They contribute to reducing social exclusion and improving the access to an education for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.You can be like them. Find out more about how can you help.


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