About Us

Foundation CHANCE FOR LIFE is a non-governmental organization with the purpose of  developing communities in Romania by supporting children and young people. Its social and educational campaigns challenge people to think differently; through programmes which offer emotional and social support for children and young people. Chance for Life forms the civic spirit of Romanians, contributing to enduring development of communities in our country.

Romanian children

Although there were problems and these continue to bring many difficulties,  we strongly believe that Romania is a great country with really good people. Sadly, there are so many communities that live in isolation.  Even in the big cities you can find abandoned and hopeless people. The Chance for Life foundation’s secret to trusted development is its impact on communities and the people who live there. We strongly believe that the solution for a better future  are the children and the way that they become adults. That is why our programmes focus on children and the people around them: their family and their teachers, as promoters of a better tomorrow.

Civil society

Chance for Life believes that the civil society and public institutions have a responsibility for the most important functions of society: people’s mind education, keeping them well and safe. The role of non-governmental organizations is for developing Romania’s society and community and it’s a crucial one. NGOs  represent intiatives of people who wanted to be involved. Unfortunately, peoples’ trust in NGOs was negatively affected because of their bad image, poor ability to communicate and inadequate management.

To regain the public trust, these organizations must be transparent, in analysing and communicating their results. Chance for Life foundation regularly publishes its financial results and results of its programmemes and activities.

The vision of Chance For Life is a society without discrimination, in which all the children can have equal chances; in which people assume their responsibilities for others who are less fortunate.



Chance for Life believes everyone has the human right to not be discriminated against and believes in the power of each one of us to fight against discriminiation.


Chance for Life believes in everyone’s right to have equal treatament and in the power of each one of us to act against the marginalisation of those disadvantaged economically or socially.


Chance for Life believes that when they grow up in a healthy social context, children become adults who are empathetic, responsible citizens and capable of self support.


Chance for Life believes in each child’s right to have equal chances to develop and to be supported to develop in an environment which enhances their potential.


Chance for Life believes in the power of each of us to change something in the lives of those less fortunate.


Chance for Life believes that every one must assume responsibility within their community.  That is why volunteers are one of the most valuable resurces that Chance for Life has.

Chance for Life believes that “illiterates of 21 century are not those who don’t know how to read or write, but those who can’t learn, change what they learned and learn again (Alvin Toffler). That is why each day we propose to help children to become adults who like to learn and don’t fear change.

At present, the Chance for Life team is composed of specialists who have training in areas such as business administration, psychologists  and occupational therapy, social assistance, foreign languages, mathematics, Romanian language, journalism and comunications.

Irina Jarrett-Thorpe – President

Irina completed an MBA at the Kingston Business School, in London, in the UK. She already has a Master’s degree in International Project Management and is licensed in Journalism and Communication Sciences. Irina has been President of Chance for Life since June 2000 when she was working as an expert at the Europe Council (Strasbourg, France) in the programmemes of  the Russian Federation and as a trainer at the Civil Society Foundation for Dezvoltation and other institutions in Romania.

Iuliana Dinu – Member of the board at Chance for Life

Iuliana has a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnostic and is licensed in Psychology. She was the first volunteer who joined the team, in July 2000. Despite difficulties at the begining, Iuliana was from then on a promoter of high quality services, demonstrating a pace of work with which few can keep up. She is one of the main leaders in Chance for Life and a champion of change and development.

Cristi Stroe – Manager

Cristi joined our programmes in 2002 and very soon proved to be indispensable  for all of the foundation’s activities. Having very many skills and knowledge, Cristi is a pillar of the organization. He has the secret of efficiency and effectivness, and has the devotion, honesty and joy of a wonderful fellow member.

Dana Apostol – Executive Director and Programmeme Director

Dana joined  Chance for Life team in 2005, as a volunteer in the Chance for Life scholarship project. Her kindness and the way she undertands the children made them love her instantly and see her like a second mother. Since 2005,  Dana worked full-time as counsellor and from 2007 she took on responsibility for a new groups of children who have become beneficiaries of the Chance for Life programmeme scholarship. She is a mentor and a model not only for these children, but also for one of the teenage groups,who graduated from the first part of our programme. Very often  they come to Dana to ask for advice. In 2010, Dana became a Programme Coordinator of the Chance For Life scholarship.

Madalina Minu – Fundraising Manager
Serban Enescu – Development Director
Adela Botoroaga – Financiary Manager



Iulia Paraschivescu, French Teacher & Volunteer Coordinator

Iulia has a Master’s degree in International Business and a degree in Foreign Languages – French and Italian. She joined Chance for Life in 2003 as a volunteer within the Hope for Today programme. In 2004, she was the first teacher who opened the secrets of the French language and culture to our children. Iulia’s pupils qualified for intensive French classes and obtained the DELF Scolaire A2 level diploma, awarded by the French Institute. Her results prove that she is a very talented teacher who creates and uses modern and innovative tools. Iulia is also our Romanian and international volunteer coordinator and at the same time is responsible for the EVS programme.

Vasile Buruiană, Mathematics Teacher

Vasile has a degree in mathematics and over 30 years of experience in working with children. He started teaching mathematics to the first group of beneficiaries from the project in 2006. This group has achieved excellent results in the capacity examinations and all of the students qualified for admission into some of the best high schools in Bucharest.

Angelina Manta, Assistant Manager & Leader of the young children group

Angelina joined Chance for Life in 2011 as a volunteer in the “Chance for Life Scholarship” project. She graduated from the Politehnica University in Bucharest and since 2013 she has been responsible for the young children’s group and is also assistant manager for the “Chance for Life Scholarship” project. In September 2014 she participated in the international youth exchange “Hope2Cope” – Liverpool, organized by the European Playwork Association.

Alina Boca Psychologist



Paula Butilchin, Romanian Language and Literature teacher and Project Coordinator

Paula has a degree in Philology and she joined the Vodafone Scholarship Sulina Project in 2014.  Due to her sensitive nature and putting a lot of heart into everything she does, she has managed to give more life to the centre in Sulina. She invests passion and dedication in all her educational and entertainment activities with the participants in Sulina. Always with a smile on her face, she manages to inspire everyone around her. She loves children and therefore spends most of her time with them.

Viorica Turbatu, Romanian language and literature teacher

Viorica has been working with children for over 26 years. She is a talented and warm teacher, and a very organized person. Her methods of teaching Romanian language and literature have achieved wonders with the children in the Vodafone Scholarship project and have led to many exceptional results over the past year.

Marioara Gheorghe, Child Supervisor

The children in the Vodafone Scholarship project love Marioara because she is like their second mother at the centre. She always delights them with her sincere smile. Marioara not only makes sure that each of the children is safe, but she is also very creative and devises the most interesting games, that the children love to discover together with her.

Steliana Simionov, Cook

Steliana is a qualified chef, who has accumulated extensive experience while cooking in tourist hostels in Sulina. She is thrilled to cook for the children in the Vodafone Scholarship and takes each day as a new challenge to get the children to love her food even more. And we are more than pleased to say that the children are crazy about the delicious and healthy food prepared by Steliana!

Georgeta Nicolau, housekeeper

Because Georgeta always keeps a bright smile on her face it is hard not to be cheerful at her side. And even though her work is not simple – to clean every day after 30 children is not easy – her enthusiasm and efforts always makes the Centre shine.




Diana Janitzek – Programme Coordinator

Ioana Cucu- Special Education

Stela Stoian – Supervisor

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