“Chance for Life Sulina” Scholarship

“Chance for Life Sulina” Scholarship

Project duration:

12 months from 1 April 2014




Sulina City Hall

S.C. Navrom-Delta SA Tulcea

Jean Bart Sulina High School


This intensive, long-term project aims to provide support and education for a total of 30 children, with high intellectual potential, from Sulina, Tulcea county, who are from families at high risk of social exclusion.


Children included in the Chance for Life Sulina Scholarship benefit from:

• daily hot meals;
• homework, 2 hours per day;
• Romanian language training, 2 hours per week;
• training in mathematics, 2 hours per week;
• English language tutorials, 2 hours per week;
• French language tutorials, 2 hours per week;
• relax and play after school, an hour per day;
• Computer courses, 2 hours per week;
• creative courses;
• Annual national and international camps;
• a birthday party each year.



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