Get involved

Get involved

Within Chance for Life we always need help! Whether it is about the direct activities with the children, that is the most precious for us, or about the occasional need of a translation or of a volunteer having to go to the exhibitions, for sure, each person can have a significant role in our team and can help us in our desire of offering quality services to our beneficiaries!

To be very precise, you can help us by donating your time and by participating to the volunteering activities, through donations or sponsorships, which we organized in a very attractive way for the interested persons, so that they will receive rewards depending on the amount of money they want to raise.

Private individuals can direct every year until 25th of May the 2% from the revenue Tax that would go to the government either way and companies can chose to direct 20% from the profit Tax towards Chance for Life, this being a simple and accessible method of financially supporting our projects, without necessarily taking money out of your pocket.

And, not least, we are very proud of the products made by our beneficiaries within “œWorkshop of the Future” and we are making use of their uniqueness in order to raise funds to ensure project continuation. Therefore, whether you decide to buy products or host our exhibitions in a location where people can have access to them, you will bring a smile on the faces of the young people who will feel that their work and their efforts are appreciated and valued.


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